No. 5

Molitor hotel


If you dig Wes Anderson as much as I do you’ll love this pool at the Molitor Hotel. An outdoor pool is a hard thing to find in Paris. But in the summer months where the city gets unbearably hot its the only thing you can think about. Which only makes the first dive into the Molitor pool that much better. It used to be an epicenter for the free spirited amongst the Parisian youth back in the day, and is credited to be first place that got the modern bikini accepted and popularised. Later on the place was deserted for some weird reason and turned into a perfect location for the illegal raves of the 90ies. Pretty fucking dope history of a place that beautiful. The interior of the hotel is far(very far) from the aesthetic quality of the pool and are filled with all the tackiness you’d expect to find at a newly renovated design hotel, but all of that doesn’t matter if you just buy a one day pass and chill by the pool. For this purpose it’s the best you’ll find in Paris!

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