No. 2



I love contrasts. And no-where I’ve been has more contrasts than Island in the winter time. This is especially true for the natural pools of Reykjadalur. The snowy mountains and it’s ice-cold frost biting wind leads you to a white valley of smoking maintains where hot volcanic water springs in a small river through the valley. The further you walk, the deeper the snow gets, but at the same time the temperature of the water increases, as you’re getting closer and closer to the bubbling hot spring that results in the heated natural pools. It’s nothing short of the biggest nature experience iv’e ever had. And all this is tinted in the 4-hours golden-hour-light that you get in the wintertime of island. The sun only peeps over the horizon and then just hangs there until in goes down in the afternoon – which means everything will be coloured in sunset, even the white mountains. DM me on instagram me for tips and tricks to get there.

The List